Hello, I'm Caitlin Duffy, and I'm a doctoral candidate in English literature at Stony Brook University. My scholarly interests include 19th century American Gothic literature, American horror cinema. I am particularly interested in exploring the ways that 19th C American gothic literature works to define liberalism and contemporary American horror films react to/define/challenge conceptions of neoliberalism.  My work has been published in The Journal of Dracula Studies, and will appear in a forthcoming issue of Poe Studies, a volume on 1980’s horror films, and a collection of essays on Trump in fiction. 

Prior to joining the doctoral program at Stony Brook, I worked as a high school teacher within the NYC public school system. This invaluable experience has led me to develop a passionate and continuing interest in pedagogy.

I recently used my blog as a space for my comprehensive exam notes. My three exam lists included: 19th century American literature, 19th century British literature, and the Anglo-American neoliberal horror film (mainly a theory list). I'm currently working on my dissertation prospectus and plan to return to my blog soon as a means to work through my dissertation in a public setting and in a more accessible language.