Hello, I'm Caitlin Duffy, and I'm currently the Digital Education Specialist at Manhattan School of Music.  I am an academic and educator with seven years of teaching experience. I have integrated technology both within my classroom and beyond as a means of supporting my colleagues since 2015, when I delivered my first instructional training session.

Throughout my time at Manhattan School of Music (MSM) and in my teaching and leadership positions at SUNY Stony Brook and the New York City Department of Education, I have been passionate about student collaboration and authentic engagement with meaningful experiences and real-world assessments. Visit my portfolio page to see some of my online course template designs which make use of Cidi Labs Design Tools, as well as some basic html. 

In May 2021, I graduated with my PhD in English literature from Stony Brook University. My dissertation focused on exploring the ways that 19th century American gothic literature works to define liberalism and contemporary American horror films react to/define/challenge conceptions of neoliberalism.  My work has been published in The Journal of Dracula Studies, Poe Studies, and a collection of essays on Trump in fiction. Back when I was a graduate student, used my blog as a space for my comprehensive exam notes. My three exam lists included: 19th century American literature, 19th century British literature, and the Anglo-American neoliberal horror film (mainly a theory list). I've left this blog up as a sort of archive of my graduate notes.