Hello, everyone!

I created this site/blog almost one year ago, yet never created an ‘introduction post.’ This semester, I’m taking a class titled “Digital Rhetoric” and our first assignment is to create a blog post that introduces ourselves. Rather than creating an entirely new blog, I’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity to finally share a bit about myself and my plans for this blog.

My name is Caitlin Duffy. I’m a second-year English Ph.D. student at Stony Brook University.

Is this me, IRL, conducting horror/gothic research or is it Ash Williams, finding his way to an ill-fated cabin?

My research focuses on the interrelated interests of 19th century American gothic literature and horror films, as well as on the digital humanities and new media. After reading an excellent volume edited by William Hughes and Andrew Smith, I’ve also recently become deeply interested in the eco-gothic.

Prior to becoming a Ph.D. student, I worked in a NYC public high school, teaching world history and theatre. Because of this experience, I’m always on the look-out for new teaching strategies and tools.

Along with being a graduate student, I am a board game beast, a novice yogi, and an enthusiast of true crime and professional wrestling. You may also consider me an aca-fan of all things horror and macabre.

On this blog, you will find the posts I create for various classes (as of right now, this only includes Digital Rhetoric and Global Rhetoric, but I also eventually blog about my American Gothic class), posts I make for fun, and, eventually, I will create posts for each item on my comprehensive exams lists. Follow the tags and category distinctions to shuffle through these various sorts of posts.

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  1. Hi Caitlin,

    We have similar interests! Maybe we can play a board game or do yoga some time 🙂
    And while I love Poe very much, I haven’t been able to explore my interests in the American Gothic that much in my program (well…because my interests are all over the place).

    Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Apparently we need to get together to play some board games! More things to add to the list…

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