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Russ Castronovo’s “The ‘Black Arts’ of Citizenship” and Posthuman Gothic

This is the time of the semester where I suddenly want to combine texts I’ve read for my different classes into a single project. The reading this week for my American Gothic independent study centered around Harriet Jacobs’sĀ Incidents in the … Continue reading

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Viral Nostalgia in Levan Gabriadze’s Unfriended (2014)

One of the readings for my Digital Rhetorics class this week, William C. Kurlinkus’s “Memorial Interactivity: Scaffolding User Experiences,” deals partly with the concept of viral nostalgia. After some deliberation, I decided that my blog post would connect Kurlinkus’s viral … Continue reading

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ABC’s The Bachelor as Female Gothic

It’s late into the night. A full moon casts its shadow over the voluminous mansion, glittering spectrally upon the wet pavement leading to the home’s towering front door. Two masculine figures stand expectantly in the driveway, their eyes focused on … Continue reading

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The Avatar Nightmare: Body Horror and Digital Identity

Knowing that this week was centered on avatar and gaming literacies, I had assumed that I would focus my blog post on some of my favorite horror video games. However, while I was attending the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference (housed … Continue reading

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