1. How is the ecogothic mode used in Victorian literature? What are the major ecogothic sites? How does this impact the human characters? How does this compare to the 19th century American ecogothic?
  2. According to Julia Sun-Joo Lee, the American slave narrative deeply influenced Victorian novels. Where can we find this influence? What changes were made to the slave narrative to fit within Victorian culture?
  3. Following Patrick Bratlinger’s definition, the imperial gothic intertwines elements of the British empire and the racial “other” with those of the gothic. How does the imperial gothic color nineteenth-century British literature? Is it a mode, a genre, or something else? 
  4. What does Victorian fiction argue regarding the role of fiction in the creation and instruction of a subject? What is the power of fiction? How is it meant to be used?

WORK IN PROGRESS: Victorian List Questions by Caitlin Duffy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.