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The Avatar Nightmare: Body Horror and Digital Identity

Knowing that this week was centered on avatar and gaming literacies, I had assumed that I would focus my blog post on some of my favorite horror video games. However, while I was attending the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference (housed … Continue reading

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Rules and Narrative

In his article “Narration, Intrigue, and Reader Positioning in Electronic Narratives,” Daniel Punday introduces readers to Espen J. Aarseth’s definition of “intrigue”: “a sequence of oscillating activities effectuated (but not controlled) by the user” (25-26). Although these are actions taken … Continue reading

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“I Want to Play a Game”: Genre, Narrative, and Video Games

In his article, “Game Design as Narrative Architecture,” Henry Jenkins offers “a middle ground position between the ludologists and the narratologists…examining games less as stories than as spaces ripe with narrative possibility.” 1 Given my identity as a Gothic scholar as well … Continue reading

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